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Located in Tokyo, Japan and inspired from this mass of people living in a hive like environment, I was always attracted toward artwork which have the vibe of this futuristic place and in a way, feels the way this mass living thing we call a city feels like. 

With that in mind, I have found myself exploring artwork styles which could be expressed through a human interaction with massive neural network and evolve somewhat by itself through my guidance and direction.

This is where my path crossed Generative adversarial network machine learning framework systems. This system was exactly what I was looking for and I simply followed the white rabbit and dived in head first.

Working with GAN (Generative adversarial network) requires learning Python coding to be able to manipulate complex scripts which I then use on my system to create generative art using a very powerful hardware system. Taking that the generative art scene is based on artists building on top of tools created by people who came before them, I needed to come up with my own tools and style to be able to push the envelope slightly further and with it, develop my own unique style.

If you are viewing this page, you have probably seen my art and want to get connected or just learn about what I do deeper. Below you will find all the links you need to get to know me as an artist, check out my art, and connect if you want. 

Open to discussion, collaborations and anything you think will be cool to do if we get connected.

Imaginarium AI.jpg


Have an idea, wish to know anything about my art, want to connect for a collaboration or want to know about events I am participating in - feel free to reach out through this form or best, hit my twitter account and let's hook up.

Thanks for submitting!

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